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We recognise the importance of a great teacher. It’s somebody who can connect and engage with a child, encourage, inspire, challenge and bring out their very best. It’s somebody who wants to make a difference.

Wherever you are in life - degree, no degree, had a career break whilst raising a family? We’re here to help.

Thinking of becoming a teacher?

We’d love for you to join us and teach in the East Riding.
Whether you're a qualified teacher looking for a new challenge or you're wanting to become a teacher our scenario based guide below will help to get you started.

I’ve got a degree and want to train to be a teacher

The following gives advice on teaching training opportunities provided by Teaching School Alliances (TSAs) within the East Riding, as well as other routes into teaching.

Riding Forward TSA, based at Molescroft Primary School, Beverley

For details of the application process, recruitment events, bursaries and funding, and the summary of the Riding Forward Schools Direct programme.

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Yorkshire Wolds Teacher Training, based at South Hunsley School, Melton

For details of the application process, training programme, benefits of school centred teacher training and why to you might select this provider.

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Learning Partnership TSA, based at Woldgate School and Sixth Form College, Pocklington

For details of how this provider can support your route into Teaching across KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5 in and around East Yorkshire:

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Alternative routes into teacher training

For details of postgraduate teacher training courses, funding arrangements, programme eligibility criteria, upcoming events and the application process.

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I don’t have a degree, but would like to become a teacher
Routes into teaching in England

For details of all the training routes, including undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes, funding arrangements and course types (university or school led)

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I’m already a qualified teacher
Current or recent teachers

Please see the opportunities to pursue your passion in an East Riding School. Visit careers page


Returning to teaching

For those seeking to return to the teaching profession there is plenty of support available through the Get into teaching website.

Get into teaching website

I’m about to qualify, what support will I get at the start of my career?

As an Early Career teacher (previously known as Newly Qualified Teacher) in the East Riding of Yorkshire, you’ll enjoy a carefully designed induction, offering comprehensive personal and professional support throughout your first two years of teaching.

Early Career Teachers are supported in schools through the two year Early Career Framework induction programme. This can be delivered through the Vantage Teaching School Hub or by the school you are working in, both approaches include high-quality material, underpinned by the ECF, which will support you to develop the knowledge and skills for a successful and fulfilling career in teaching.

As an Early Career Teacher you will receive 10% additional time out of the classroom in your first year and 5% in your second year. During this time you will receive training and complete self study. You will have a dedicated mentor who will help to guide you through the induction period and plan your professional development in readiness for your final assessment at the end of Year Two.

Early Career Teacher's comments

Each year over a hundred teachers begin their careers in the East Riding and have a successful induction. Here are some of the comments they have made:


"I have a fantastic mentor and wonderful colleagues. We met regularly for mentor meetings, phase meetings etc."

"Throughout my NQT induction period I have received continual support from my tutor and other members of staff within my school. The NQT training events provided have helped support me through the year especially the chances to talk to other NQT's and discuss our experiences."

"I have received fantastic support from my school. Staff have been supportive and have assisted me whenever I have needed it."

"I have enjoyed my induction period and have felt fully supported by all of my colleagues during this time. During lockdown, we implemented an online platform for maths which has helped us keep track of students' progress and I have felt supported making decisions about Entry Level and GCSE grades for my Year 11 class."

"I have received sufficient support from staff when adapting to home learning, particularly from my department and the headteacher has been amazing in providing information and guidance when I have been in to support children during wider school closures. I have had regular contact with my department and mentor to discuss any issues that may have arisen but everything has been organised very well."

Early Career Framework   Vantage Teaching School Hub

We look forward to welcoming you to the East Riding and supporting you through your first years in the classroom.

Case study: Getting into teaching
“I volunteered and also got myself on the Riding forward course”
Simon Morton
Year 4 Primary Teacher

Useful resources

The following resources supply detailed advice and support about getting into teaching. They explain the processes and options available to aspiring teachers based on different experiences and qualifications.

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